PE is a collaboration between ten artists studying on their final year MA at central saint martins. 5 from the MA Photography Course ( Maria Bilyan, Sara Boscioni, Aurelie E C Berry, Victoria Batt, Ilayda Bilgin ) and 5 MA Fine Art students (Roshanak Khakban, Galina Munroe, Mustafa Boga, Jeremie Magar, David Bethel )

PE created a challenging environment where the democratics of individual practices within the studio, the gallery and everyday life are confronted and challenged in an entangled space fragmented by a network of thread, everyday objects and individual works.

Combining intuition and concept through a process based collaboration, we investigated the physical and pyscological boundaries of  working and thinking outside of our individual practices and personal boundaries.

Our installation questions the fine line between stability and instability. Through out the process we recognised the vastness of questions the work was debating. How do we react to problematic artworks? How do we react to work that obliges you to experience its presence? How do we react to a space that is constantly re-evaluating its self, the viewer, the artist and the collective? All egos and individualistic concepts of space, persona and politics went out of the window.

PE is merley an appearance of what it could be. Each install opens a new fragmentation of space leading the process deeper into the network of its own creation.  It traces out the process of each individual in the collective while inviting the viewer to become part of the process, installation and space. Having said that, the work seems to only just manage to exist, its lack of stability and straight forward-ness becomes a trap for the unwary viewer. Hope and trust dissolve within the network of cords leaving the un-expecting spectator full of uncertainty.

The dynamics of the infiltrated space comes across as frankly, a bit threatening from the outside, then curiosity pushes the viewer timidly across the first thread. The deeper in they venture the more they become aware of their new surroundings and start to recognise the fragile truth behind the physicality and the psychology of the piece. The viewer starts to leave behind their past conception of space all together realising that the relationship between body and space the are experiencing are symbiotic, each potentially affected by the other.

Digital Collage

Digital Collage

The constant fluxes of information that dynamises the space reflects the process of mind mapping; Building upon uncertainty, hesitancy and decision making to visually organise information. Instead of viewing work/space from top to bottom, left to right. PE invites the viewer to scan the surrounding space in a non-linear fashion.

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